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Gluten Free Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes enrich the gluten free diet. Potatoes are gluten free, of course, and the vegetables that can be used in toppings are a nutritious naturally-gluten-free addition to our diet. Here is a recipe for gluten free cheese sauce. Most source cream is gluten free, but to be very careful look for the Organic Valley brand, which announces its celiac-friendly status on  its website. This guacamole sauce would be great with many baked potatoe concoctions.

You probably already have ideas for preparing and dressing your b aked potatoes. If not, several sites have published recipes that will help get your creative juices flowing. Many of these recipes are for "twice baked potatoes, in which potatoes are baked, and the insides are carefully removed from the skins and mixed with other ingredients. The final steps are to return the mixture to the skins and complete the baking process. Try these recipes from The Baking Beauties, Gluten Free Kiwi, and The Book of Yum.

You need to be cautious about  baked potatoes served in restaurants. THe skins may have been rubbed in flour to make them more crispy.

Published 1/14/09

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