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Thanksgiving 2008…a Gluten Free Feast

My Thanksgiving holiday meal will include foods for celiacs, diabetics, persons who are lactose intolerant, dedicated members of Weight Watchers, and one person with a potentially-life threatening allergy to peanuts. Cooking a Thanksgiving feast fora large family is not easy!!!!! This article only deals with the gluten free aspects of the occasion.

To prepare a gluten free holiday meal, you may need instructions for cooking a turkey. The turkey itself is naturally gluten free, of course, but you must avoid the self-basting variety unless you can verify the mixture injected into it is gluten free. If you choose to provide separate dressing for persons who do not live gluten free, this must be cooked outside the turkey.

This recipe for gluten free cornbread is compliments of Whole Foods Market. (Keep in mind that most cornbread includes both corn and wheat flour.) This cornbread dressing recipe was created by a blog called The Gluten Free Cooking School.

This pie crust recipe was created by Whole Foods Market. This recipe for gluten free pie crust is available from Cooking.com. There are many other possibilities. Most pie fillings are naturally gluten free but don’t take chances. Read every ingredients list every time.

I could go on forever listing recipes that might be appropriate for your Thanksgiving feast. These articles contain recipes and ideas from three blogs: A Gluten-Free Guide, Gluten-Free Bay, and The Book of Yum.

Update: I updated this article on 10/23/09 to assure that all the links were still functioning. You may wish to click here to read my Thanksgiving recipe article for 2009. There is some repetition in the two posts, but together they will give you access to many gluten free holiday recipes.

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