Hidden Glutens: Toothpaste, Tea Bags, Licorice

4 Comments 22 February 2008

They’re everywhere! Celiacs can’t brush their teeth, drink a cup of tea, or enjoy a piece of licorice without “issues”.
The toothpaste question is relatively simple. Both Crest and Colgate state on their websites that their toothpastes are gluten free.

Finding celiac friendly tea is more complicated. Tea itself is naturally gluten free, but may become toxic if wheat paste is used to seal the tea bag. In this case, the wheat is part of the packaging material and therefore will not appear on the ingredients list. Your only options are to find a tea that does not come in a bag or to find a tea bag that is sealed with a staple. Good luck!

Find gluten free licorice can also be a problem. Gluten free licorice is available on-line from Natural Candy Store. This link is especially helpful because there are actually two lists: “strictly gluten free candy” and “no gluten ingredients”. Amazon also has a list of possibilities. There are two ways to use the information: (1) order directly on-line or (2) use their information to give you clues as to what to purchase locally.

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  1. Kristen McCown says:

    Here’s my question and the answer from Colgate:


    Are your “kids products”, specifically toothpastes, gluten-free?

    Your website says Colgate toothpaste is gluten free. Here is the response from Colgate.

    “We do not intentionally add gluten to any Colgate Oral Care products. However, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients used are not exposed to any gluten.”

    I would not publish this as being guaranteed as gluten free!!

  2. Terry Pelletier says:

    I just found out that I no longer can drink my Southern Comfort because it is made with wheat/barley. I now buy Potato Vodka…but I am concerned about the Triple Sec that I put in it for a Cosmo…Does anyone know what liquors are acceptable for Celiac Sufferers?

  3. Lisa says:

    Your only options are to find a tea that does not come in a bag or to find a tea bag that is sealed with a stapler. Good luck!

    Tea bags sealed with staples actually aren’t that hard to find, but I would have thought the obvious solution here would be “use loose tea”.

  4. Brian says:

    Actually giving up tea bags has had a great unintended consequence for me. I went to a tea store at the mall and discovered how much better loose leaf tea is. It’s not quite as convenient when you’re done because you have to clean out the teapot instead of just throwing away the bag, but the better tasting tea is well worth it. Thanks!

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