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Gluten Free Meat Products

Meat is naturally gluten free, of course, but contamination issues arise when that meat is processed. Here are seven firms that will be of interest to celiacs who are concerned about safety:

 Applegate Farms states in its FAQ section that almost all products are gluten free and names the two exceptions.

Carl Budding. All products are gluten free.

All products of Ian’s Natural Foods have a red or a blue banner on the front of the package. Read their red banner guarantee: “Ian’s Red Banner guarantee is a testament to our devotion of delivering a certified allergen free product to our consumers. All products under the Red Banner are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and soy free!  You can trust our Red Banner because all of Ian’s Wheat and Gluten Free products have passed through extensive internal testing as well as outside laboratory testing. Ian’s Red Banner guarantee is a promise that our food will be safe for those with food allergies and delicious to boot!”

 Hormel publishes a lengthy list of gluten free products on its FAQ page. As a former GI, I was interested to note that even Spam is gluten free. This link will enable you to find a local retailer.

 The Jennie-O Turkey Store has published a list of products that are gluten free. Insert the words ‘gluten free’ in the search blank when you get to this page.

Organic Valley. All products are gluten free

Welshire farms. Use this data base to determine which foods are gluten free.

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