Your Gluten Free Christmas Feast Will Have Leftovers

0 Comments 21 December 2007

How do you deal with the food left over after your celiac friendly feast? I’m asking this question now, because I sincerely hope that you have better things to do on Christmas day than reading this blog. Here are some links that may be helpful:

This article provides pointers on the safe storage of leftover food. This is one of the first you need to deal with after the feast is over.

Check out my article describing Mrs. Leeper’s pasta products. These products feature pasta and seasonings boxed together in a way that can turn leftover meat and pasta into a tasty celiac friendly meal.

This article promises a "trio of tasty turkey recipes". Some of these recipes could certainly be modified to use with other types of meat. (I’m curious about why the articles that I read assumed that you would have left over turkey but nothing else).

Here is a recipe for turkey and pasta salad. You may also want to try this recipe for white bean turkey soup with sage or this recipe that is simply labeled turkey soup. Obviously. you will need to use gluten free pasta and turkey meat that has not been contaminated by contact with gluten toxic stuffing. Here’s another turkey soup recipe that gives you the chance to use up your leftover gluten free gravy.

This recipe is called Thanksgiving Pot Pie, but the name of the holiday is obviously not important. What counts is that it gives you the chance to get rid of various types of leftovers.

This recipe has the intriguing title "leftovers" nachos. It encourages you to be really creative!

One common way to clean the leftovers out of the refrigerator is to pack them into lunches. This article contains no specific recipes, but it does include a number of tips for doing this effectively.

Well, there you have it: we’ve shopped, cooked, partied, shared time with family and friends, and now we have dispatched the leftovers. I hope this information has helped. Merry Christmas.

published: 12/21/2007

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