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Living Gluten-Free for Dummies: Good News for all Celiacs

 ++++++UPDATED AND REVISED 7/30/07 ++++++

  I love this book except for the series title, although I certainly felt like a “dummy” on that grey day in August 1999 when I first heard the words “celiac” and “gluten free diet” and realized that they were talking about me. The doctor who diagnosed my condition knew enough to hand me a pamphlet on celiac disease before walking out and wishing me good luck. I wish that a book like Living Gluten Free for Dummies had been available at that time. I needed a lot of information and I needed it NOW!

  The book starts out with a basic who, what, where, and why of the gluten free lifestyle and moves on to discuss the problems of locating the food that is needing, rejecting foods that are gluten toxic, and wading through all the emotional hassles involved in living gluten free. And there certainly are hassles: so much of our social life revolves around food, grocery shopping must be done “defensively”, and our restaurant meals may contain “gluten bombs”. Our friends and loved ones have never heard of the celiac disease. I could go on-and-on.

  The gluten free diet is a lifelong commitment and that’s why it seems so permanent. That last sentence is an example of the type of writing you will see all through this book — her statements are clear, concise, factual, and never clouded with euphemisms.

While preparing this review, I reread the part called “Living —and Loving — the Gluten Free Lifestyle 24/7”. I was reassured; my normally positive attitude was strengthened.

  I’m glad this book is in my library. It’s a great resource for me in producing my blog and in living my life as a celiac. Click on the picture at the top of the article or the book title at the end of the first paragraph to order this book from The Gluten Free Mall.

Living Gluten-Free For Dummies (Celiac Disease Books)


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